Evil apocalypse


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Evil apocalypse - Age of zombiesThe whole world have been infected and the apocalypse is upon us,as far as we know, you are the only one left in the whole town ready and available to fight back against evil.

They are lurking around, spying on you and sneaking around the corners and highly sensitive to sound,

Make the first shot and zombies will be chasing you!

They are fast and intelligent - don´t fall into their traps

Take long distant shots or close up kills

Explore the entire city for infected zombies enter buildings and hide, make sniper shots from windows in order not to be detected

Because once they spot you, you will be running!


Full game ready to publish, just change the title and logo and you can launch the game quick and easy!

Really easy to add new buildings and change the city in the game.
Loats of assets already included ready for you to play around with if you like.


The game is not published on the appstore

Required Unity 4.6.4 in order to work best.

Leaderbolt ads
Google admob integrated
Cross platform Android & IOS
Great visuals, buildings and sound effects
365 degree visual gaming
Rate button / more games etc
Lots of assets, buildings, zombies, cars and extras included

Easy to make other games out of this code, for example prison break escape,
GTA style games, cowboys and indians, warzone and many other awesome types of games.

Reskinning is really simple and you will be given a full instruction in how to do this.
Basically a drag and drop function and there are plenty of assets allready in the project ready for you to use.
You need just to replace the images in Assets/Textures folders with the same names like in the project (only .PNG format).
The menu, buttons, logos etc are about 40 images in total.

PLEASE NOTE! THIS GAME WAS BUILT FOR ANDROID THROUGH UNITY, you will need to make some tweaks in order to publish it to IOS.

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Single game license, Full game reskin


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