Big city crime


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## Big city crime - Kill or most likely die!
Theese are new times where everybody is carrying weapons.
The gangsters of the city want you dead and the cops just want to shoot you for sports.
Kill them all, earn cash and the respect in the big city!TRY THE ANDROID GAME HEREA great 3rd person shooter game with tons of theme possibilities.
Easy drag and drop game building in a big city enviroment where you can build and to what ever you want basically!You can publish it as it is straight out of the box
or do something completely awesome and launch a new and hot version, its all up to you!

### Made with Unity 5.3 for android and iOS

Easy and unlimited reskin potential, set your personal touch into the game or just launch it as it is if you like!

* Unlimited reskin possibilities
* Easy drag and drop enviroment
* Tons of assets for you to customize everything is included
* Ads integrated allready interstatial and video (chartboost,admob)
* Easy game to promote
* Rate the game function

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Single license, Multiple license, Full reskin and publish


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